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Volunteers have a special account to the 252 site, I will work on providing the info to that account in a secure place on this site in-case you need it.

This means I will no longer upload small group files and such. However the service materials section can still include any files you want up here.

Also some News: Jen and Jeramey Galley are back!
Jen will be coming back as the Elements Director, Yipee!

Please welcome them back next time you see them!
Category: Volunteers | Views: 6211 | Added by: Jon_McLaren | Date: 03 January 10

I would like to be able to provide everyone with the files they need for Elements, However it's slow and painstaking for me to upload all of the files individually, I would like to send each months files up in a zip file.

The Zip File would have all the files for the whole month, they would be divided up into the following groups:
K-1 Small Group
2-3 Small Group
4-5 Small Group
Large Group

That knocks off over 20 uploads for me per month.

The only disadvantage to this method is, you all need to be able to extract the files. Extracting files from a zip file is easy but knowing how will make your life easier from here on out.

I have a free way for you to get the files out of zip files
It's a free easy tool, where you simply pick the file on your computer you want to extract, it sends the file to wobzip they extract all the files and you can click links to download the files :) it's nice convenient and easy.

I will be needing to get your opinion of doing this method.
Category: Volunteers | Views: 1007 | Added by: Jon_McLaren | Date: 16 December 09

I've added 2 new features to the site to make the site seem simpler, it's really not that hard to use.

The first feature is I added a little random tip box on the right side. it will show you a random tip every time you load a page.

I've also begun working on a virtual tour basically.

This "Virtual Tour" will allow you to use Google Side Wiki, to explore the site and learn how to use every little feature of the site :D

I can't be sure when I will have the Virtual Tour Completed, but it will have it's own page on the site.

Thanks for reading.
Views: 1009 | Added by: Jon_McLaren | Date: 01 December 09

I finally got the mobile version of the site setup, this is so you can access the site using a PDA or cell phone, and the site will be designed special for your device.

The Mobile version of the site has almost all the same features

The important features it has are the forum, photos and the main page of the site.

To Access the Mobile version of the website you will need to use a different web address than the sites address( the mobile web address is
All that was added to the address is just /pda so it should be easy to remember since a PDA is able to browse the web :)
Views: 952 | Added by: Jon_McLaren | Date: 08 November 09

Hello and welcome to our new site.

I hope that you will find this site useful and a great resource.

You are strongly encouraged to make an account on the website, simply click register, then in the registration process select Parent. If you sign up, you will be able to view information on the services that your child attends, you will see information on events, you will also be able to talk with the Elements team members. You can post pictures of your kids, volunteer to help out in Elements and tons more!

Your child may also create a separate account on the website that will be geared towards them, they have access to the kid forums so they can stay in contact with their church buddies and they can also talk to their small group leaders about any problems that are facing them.

Make an account on the site to talk to your friends whenever you want! You can also talk to your small group leaders about anything you want.

Register on the website and pick Volunteer as your group type, and I will set you so that your account says what you do, and you will also gain access to the Volunteer only materials, and staff forums where you will be able to talk to other elements team members and plan things, and what not. So please Sign up it's EASY. I manually place you into your own group on the site so for a day or two you may not have full privledges, but don't worry I will get you set up, I do this so that a kid or a parent cant pick the staff group and get in to the staff forums and cause trouble accidentally or on purpose, plus it's easier on everyone if everyone can see what job everyone has.

Every type of account has separate privledges, parents can view the student forums, and also the parent forums.
students can view the student forums.
Staff can view service materials, staff forums, parent forums and kid forums.

All groups have access to the photos and several other features of the site :)
Pick the correct group please.

hehe, well not everyone is able to pick up a dvd player and know how to work it, without ever seeing that dvd player in their life, so here's a tutorial on how to do things on the website.
instructions to be added later, sorry.
Using the Forums
  1. click Forum from the main menu
  2. click the forum titled "Welcome!"
  3. click the "New Topic button" located on the right side of the screen
  4. enter the subject as "HELLO ELEMENTS!"
  5. type whatever you want to say, introduce yourself.
  6. click "Create Thread"
  7. you've just successfully made what's called a "post" woo hoo
  8. To reply to someones post, click the title of someone else's post
  9. read what they said, then in the "New Entry" field put in your reply and hit "post reply"
Posting Service Materials to the website
  1. click Service Materials in the main menu
  2. click add new entry
  3. fill out the information, all thats required, is that you fill in the title, and upload the file/link to the file, the rest is just if you have any comments or anything.
  4. click submit/add/post
  5. Success! You've just posted a file to the website!
Posting Photos to the website
  1. click Photos in the main menu
  2. click New Photo
  3. fill out the information
  4. Hitting the plus sign lets you upload multiple photos at once
  5. click add

Views: 1906 | Added by: Jon_McLaren | Date: 25 October 09

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